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Pievēršam klientu uzmanību, ka maksa par sāls piegādi ir atkarīga no svara!

Speciālais piedāvājums!
Pasūtot pilnu paleti ar sāli, piegādes maksa līdz durvīm 40,- EUR ar PVN visā Latvijas teritorijā!
Piegādes maksa jau ir iekļautā sāls paletes cenā.
Apmaksa ir iespējama ar interneta banku, pārskaitījumu un skaidrā naudā vai ar bankas karti uz vietas birojā.

Piegādes izmaksas:
no 10kg līdz 30 kg - 16,00 EUR ar PVN;
no 30+ kg līdz 50 kg - 22,00 EUR ar PVN;
no 50+ kg līdz 75 kg - 41,00 EUR ar PVN;
no 75+ kg līdz 100 kg - 50,00 EUR ar PVN;
no 100+ kg līdz 350 kg - 54,00 EUR ar PVN;
no 350+ kg līdz 700 kg - 75,00 EUR ar PVN
no 700+ kg, lūgums, zvanīt mob.29349862.

Special offer!
Ordering a full pallet of salt, the cost of the delivery to your house door only 40,- EUR with VAT all over Latvia!
The shipping fee is already included in the price of the salt pallet. 
Payment is possible by internet banking, transfer and cash or by bank card at the office.

Order full pallet

Salt crystals for water softeners, for the regeneration of ion exchange resins.

SOFT-SEL®, the guarantee for soft water.

  • SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS salt crystals are made from very pure sea salt.
  • SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS is appropriate for the treatment of drinking water and water used to manufacture food products.
  • The crystal shape of the salt stimulates a regular brine production and prevents clumping and sedimentation.
  • SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS is suitable for all types of water softeners.
  • SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS meets the European standard EN 973 type A.
  • SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS contains no additives.

Package: plastic bag 25kg


Manufacturer: ZOUTMAN, Belgium.



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